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Adelaide’s series of unfortunate divergencies in congress platform, 1980

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All the keywords I have highlighted in yellow would fall into the 1st URL and all the keywords highlighted in green would fall in the 2nd URL. I have looked at your competition and they have structured it very similar. The reason I have done it like this is because it would be too difficult to rank for all your words on your home page ( – it could be done, but would be very inefficient. We need to take advantage of the URL & the title of the pages (they hold a lot of power in on-page SEO). I think I told you my company page moved up 3 pages by a slight tweak in a page title.

As you have Adelaide in your URL, we don’t want to overuse it otherwise it will be over-optimized. We want to target our most competitive words in the URL & page title. All of the longer words like, Commercial Property Loans Adelaide, Construction, and Development Loans Adelaide etc. will rank as the more competitive words rank higher (they almost pull them along with them in a sense).

If you could write an article or get one written then I could adjust it by making it optimized relative to the keywords in yellow.

The other keywords that wanted me to target, would be quite easy to rank, but they aren’t receiving much volume, so there wouldn’t be much point.

Once the on-page optimization is done, then we can move into off- page optimization, where we start building LOTS of social properties (e.g. Twitter, Facebook etc…), citations (e.g. Yelp, LocalBD etc…) & start linking to your site. When I say lots, I mean over 50 for both social & citations. Citations are what will help you rank in the maps component in a Google search. We can talk about this at a later stage!