Marketing Strategies For Home Builders

Although most Adelaide, SA home builders have excellent building skills, they lack marketing experience. Savvy home builders pay attention to basic marketing principles of exposure while providing helpful information to potential customers. Here are ways to improve your marketing strategy and make your way up as a reputable building company.

Create an Engaging Website

A website serves as a virtual showroom or office. It is the first stop your target audience makes when looking for a new home. For the best results, it is essential to ensure your website reflects professionalism and creates a great first impression. The ideal home builders website is easy to find, simple to navigate and mobile friendly. Offer real value by providing customer information and presenting visual content.

Make Use of Aerial Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. In the marketing world, pictures are worth more when in 3D or video formats. As technology gets sophisticated, so do imaging techniques improve. There are many high tech imaging equipment such as professional cameras and small drones that can capture visually appealing photos of your products. Using these gives the customer a better view of your work as well as the surrounds.

Invest in 3D Architectural Rendering

3D architectural renderings are a significant breakthrough for home construction and real estate marketing. It’s time that your building company presents construction plans in 3D rather than the traditional 2D floor drawings. This makes it easy for prospects to visualise a building from various angles and change their perspective about your offerings.

Create a Virtual Tour

Virtual tours have been used for a while especially in real estate marketing. Marketers would walk from room to room and capture the building’s interior and exterior using a video camera. They then added the video to their company website. When it comes to construction, video cameras are not efficient for pre-construction marketing. Using computer-aided modelling is a better way to take potential clients through a virtual tour of your project.

Perform a Virtual Staging

Every home builder knows that fully-furnished homes sell faster and fetch higher prices as opposed to their cold empty counterparts. This explains why home builders should invest in properly staged show homes. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to make these presentations, you can create a virtual show home. Staging a virtual 3D presentation using advanced software can showcase your building project in a perfectly staged setting. This cuts down the costs of preparing actual staging that is usually disposed of once the sale is complete.

Bring in Virtual Reality

Computer animations are entirely compatible with websites. You can make your virtual tours, animated staging and 3D presentations accessible downloads. This allows potential buyers to experience a custom home even before it exists, which increases their chances of hiring your service. As a home builder, blend virtual reality into your website and make it one of your leading sales tools.