Marketing Mistakes Air Conditioning Companies Cairns Should Avoid

Air conditioning companies that are serious about hitting record growth need to revise and make their digital marketing strategy effective. In this article, we highlight four common marketing mistakes that AC companies make.

Investing Marketing Funds Wrongly

Poor air conditioning marketing strategies are not only embarrassing to your business but also give your competitors a way of gaining some advantage and ranking higher than you. Although some traditional marketing methods are still useful, strategies that worked ten years ago will not deliver the same results right now. Digital marketing methods are changing at a rapid pace. Therefore, diversify your company’s online marketing portfolio and aggressively track which channels are working best. From here, you can proceed to invest more funds in more productive strategies while figuring out how you can improve marketing channels that deliver poor results.

Slow Non-Responsive Website

The most successful air conditioning companies like RNR Cairns have redesigned their websites to meet the needs of the modern-day consumer. Here are the primary criteria that an active business website should meet.

  1. Easy Navigation – Websites with great navigation record more on-site lead conversions.
  2. Mobile Friendly – 90 per cent of online users want to access mobile responsive websites.
  3. Fast Load Times – About 40 per cent of web visitors leave a webpage that loads for more than three seconds.
  4. Site Security – Over 40 per cent of websites ranked on the first page of Google is HTTPS.
  5. Online Reviews – About 75 per cent of consumers say that positive reviews motivate them to trust an online business.

Not Differentiating Your Business

It is vital to market your air conditioning business in a way that shows potential clients your unique values and offerings. Most companies often advertise through three selling points—cost, quality and convenience. But digital marketing would position you as an authority in the market and build credibility with the online community which sets your business apart. You can do this by advertising special certifications and recent achievements. Provide specialised services and insert popular industry affiliations too.

Failing To Measure Results

Analytics are essential for understanding how well your air conditioning business is performing. Shockingly, most small businesses neglect it yet it’s the best way to track the amount of revenue generated from marketing campaigns. Current digital marketing statistics indicate that only 30 per cent of small businesses in Australia use website analytics, while some do not track their performance at all. Any company that aims to edge out competitors cannot ignore data-driven insights in a market where over 85 per cent of potential clients is based on the internet. It is essential to track and measure your online success using Google Analytics.