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Fun and Interesting Facts About Mexico: Surprise, Surprise!

Fun and Interesting Facts About Mexico: Surprise, Surprise!

Fun and Interesting Facts About Mexico…

It’s beautiful, tropical and due south. You don’t have to spend 12 hours in the air or take a cruise to get there. This wonderful country has a unique culture, delicious cuisine, and its biggest city offers worlds of fun for the kids.

Here are some fascinating facts about Mexico to pack along on your exciting trip across the Rio Grande.

The Culture: Interesting Facts About Mexico

Mexico’s history dates back centuries, and the blend of Spanish influences and native customs resulted in traditions still celebrated today. The pinata was imported, but blindfolding the player who bats it pays homage to ancient Aztec games. The Conquistadors liberated chocolate for the world to enjoy, and spicing dishes with chiles caught fire around the globe. Even Mexico City fuses the past and present because it’s built over the ruins of the ancient site of Tenochtitlan.

The Celebrations: Fun Facts About Mexico

Spring arrives in sunny Mexico with parties, parades and children dressed as pretty flowers. Visitors watch the equinox sunlight dance like giant serpents along the steps of Mayan pyramids at Chichen Itza. If you’re ringing in the New Year, be sure to wear red underpants for luck and enjoy 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight. No celebration would be complete without sampling a Zacahuil, but bring a big appetite because this fiesta tamale measures three feet long.

chichen itza facts interesting

Chicne Itza, Mexico. Photo credit here.

The Big City: Mexico Facts for Kids

The country’s capitol is filled with kid-friendly fun, and Chapultepec Zoo ranks second among most-visited zoos in the world. It’s also the only place you can visit with native volcano rabbits or size up huge red-kneed tarantulas. The walls and ceilings of the Papalote Museo Del Nino were designed and fashioned by children, and this kid’s museum is built for fun. When the children meet a little Chihuahua, explain that this smallest dog in the world is a another friendly native.

Now You Know: Other Facts About Mexico

North America’s first printing press debuted in Mexico City back in 1539. Early newspapers carried dramatic accounts of bullfighting making it the country’s national sport in the continent’s oldest city. Soccer is more popular today, but at least it isn’t played with the hornet bombs that ancient Mayans used against their opponents. Salute that fact with a sip of tequila, and enjoy the drink that originated in Mexico before the country had a name.

mexican bull fighting

Bull Fighting Arena. Photo credit here.

From the migration of Monarch butterflies to munching on crispy fried grasshoppers, be prepared for delightful surprises on your Mexican vacation. When you finish it up relaxing under the 40-foot tall Arbol de Tule, you can tell friends back home you enjoyed the shade of the oldest tree on the planet.

 Featured pic for fun and interesting facts about Mexico credit here.

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