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Fun and Interesting Facts About Brazil: More Than Beauty

Fun and Interesting Facts About Brazil: More Than Beauty

Fun And Interesting Facts About Brazil…

Anyone considering taking a trip to South America should take the time to review some of the most interesting facts about Brazil. Learning the fun facts about Brazil helps many tourists ensure that they make the most of their journey to this part of the world. You better have a big suitcase, because your trip to Brazil is going to be one to remember and you will want to bring back souvenirs.

Interesting Facts About Brazil

For starters, one of the more basic yet still interesting facts about Brazil is that people speak Portuguese in Brazil as opposed to Spanish; which is spoken by the rest of Latin America. The natives call the country Brasil, and they call the language Brazil.

Technically, the long-form name is the Federative Republic of Brazil. The capital of the country is Brasilia. The country has the fifth highest population in the world, hosting around 200 million people. More than 2.48 million people currently live in Brasilia.

There are approximately one million Asian people currently living in Brazil. This country has the second largest Christian population in the world.

Brazil is enormous. Brazil is the largest country in South America and in Latin America. This is the fifth largest country on the Earth. Brazil is the longest country on the planet, registering 2800 miles from its south tip to north tip. This country has the eighth largest economy in the world.

Brazil has the third highest number of roadways, the second highest number of airports and the tenth largest network of railways on the planet.

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Muriqui Hills, Brazil. Photo credit here.

One of the more fun facts about Brazil to report on is: Carnival in Brazil. Millions of people travel from all corners of the world to visit this festival before the start of Lent in February. This cheerful, colorful and bright holiday is celebrated with the sounds of the samba and the scent of delicious food. The local cuisine in Brazil is inspired by the African, Indian and Portuguese cultures. Brazilian cuisine is famous throughout South America.

Around 60 percent of the Amazon’s rainforests are located in Brazil. In total, about 25 percent of the entire world’s rainforests are located in Brazil. Experts estimate that there are four million different species of wildlife currently living in Brazil’s rainforest.

This country actually has the highest number of species for all mammals, plants and fresh water fish. Brazil also has the highest number of monkey species on the planet.

Many people feel Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful countries in the entire continent. It is the second largest city in Brazil, and was the capital city up until 1960. Christ Redeemer, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

This statue, located 710 meters high on Corcovado mountain, is a must see for anyone visiting the area. In contrast, the more modern Brasilia capital city’s construction was actually based on an airplane’s design. The major cities, rainforests and people of Brazil have enough culture and flavor to capture the interest any type of tourist.

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