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A quick SEO Checklist for your Website

Developing a website that offers high performance may not be easy at all. On the occasion, you must obtain the top tank within the search engine. By incorporating strategies with the help of SEO Services, you may able to appear at the first page of the search engine result page. Through optimization, performance within the periphery of SERP can be improved further also. In order to achieve the goal, you must maintain the site properly by using the processes like monitoring and testing.

Checklist for SEO

XML sitemap must be generated and site must be added to Webmaster

Through sitemap, search engine may able to know about the website pages. It is necessary to create a XML sitemap for the website. It must be submitted within the periphery of search engine also. Process of crawling can be helped with the process too.

Following to the generation of XML sitemap, you must add the site within the Webmaster tool. By using your Google account, you can include yourself within the webmaster tool. From the option optimization, you must go to sitemap for the submission of website properly.

Crawling of Google Bot

In case the Google Bot does not manage to crawl through your site then search engine cannot go through your content at all. Therefore, the site may not be ranked by the search engine. So, How to make sure that Google bot is going through your sites properly.

By clicking on the site that is required to be crawled within the home page of Webmaster Tool, you can tap the option that says “Fetch as Google”. The option can be found easily within the crawl section. Now, you may come to text box. Selection of the option “web” is essential at the time. Fetch must be clicked afterward. If you see the status “successful” then you may press the submit button for the purpose of index. Individual URL can be submitted to get an index within Google also. In similar fashion, you may able to index minimum 500 URLs within a week.

SEO Austin Services may use the tool called robot.txt Tester then you may able to know whether the page has been set in proper manner or not.

Look at the index status of site

Type the name “”” in Google and you may able to see the result regarding indexed pages. Right amount of pages can be known in the process. It is better not to have more or less numbers of pages than expected.  In case of more number, it may indicate that there are some duplicate content. Decrease page indicates that Google has not managed to index all the pages.

Use a crawler for the site

Crawl test may able to tell you if there is something wrong with the site. In the process, may able to know whether there is H1 or H2 tags missing or not through your top seo company 2018. Issues regarding duplication may be noticed at the time too. Same thing is applicable for Meta description and titles also. Alt tags may not be found for the images some time.